‘Salem’s Lot by Stephan King

'Salem's Lot: Illustrated Edition‘Salem’s Lot: Illustrated Edition by Stephen King
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The only other King I’ve read is The Stand which I enjoyed as a dystopian Science Fiction. I liked the plot, the characters, the prose. I was bored by ‘Salem’s Lot and almost gave it up several times. The short stories at the end of this edition were far more interesting.

So, why didn’t I like it. To paraphrase Emperor Joseph II in Amadeus, “Too many words!” and a lot of them in the wrong place or completely unnecessary. I did not find the story very interesting. Though a vampire story, it had not horror for me. I found the characters flat with no one I could identify with. King writes easy, flowing prose, making for a fast, if long, read. But, many ideas are repeated ad nauseum. King can write clever bon mots, but he did nothing to illustrate such, unless he was too subtle for me, which I doubt. King is just not that deep. The best thing about the novel was building the world of a small rural town in the USA. King got that right. Others, many others have done it better.

I doubt I will read more King.

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