Mordred, Bastard Son by Douglas Clegg

Mordred, Bastard Son: Book One Of The Mordred TrilogyMordred, Bastard Son: Book One Of The Mordred Trilogy by Douglas Clegg
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I’ve read much of the modern Arthurian fiction as well as much of the early sources and thoroughly enjoyed this take on Mordred. I only wish Clegg had finished (will finish) the trilogy. I’d like to know where he’s taking us.

The action of this 1st book takes place in the Amorican peninsula, specifically in the great and mysterious Forest of BrocĂ©liande. In Clegg’s world this ancient, mythic forest separates those practicing the Old religions from the surrounding Romano-Christian interlopers. It’s hard to place the time of the action as we have pre-Roman Celts mixed with Druid remnants and Roman and Christian culture as well as neo-Pagan spiritual ideas. Still I have a feeling of 5th to 6th century life.

But this doesn’t really matter. The story is interesting the characters engaging and the prose professional with numerous ideas and conflicts encountered. And, Mordred is gray and complex enough for us not to know how he will turn out in relation to the Arthurian mythos.

I really hope the author is not too removed from this work to continue the Mordred Trilogy.

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