Earth Unaware by Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnson (The 1st Formic War, book 1)

Earth Unaware (The First Formic War, #1)Earth Unaware by Orson Scott Card
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Ender’s Game is one of the Masterpieces of Science Fiction space opera literature. This novel, the 1st in a trilogy of prequels expands on the Formic wars, mentioned in Ender’s Game.

This 1st prequel is a disappointment. My take is that it was only written to line the pockets of the authors and publishers, esp with it and its sequels coming out with the EG movie. Even this 1st book ends without being a standalone. I suspect the prequels are a single book split into 3 just to make more money.

All of the EG ephemera, including comics and all sorts of collectibles underscores this opinion. Ender’s Game will end up being trivialized by all the marketing and PR as was LOTR. Pity those who see the movie before reading EG and Speaker for the Dead…

As ordinary Solar System space opera it is readable, just nothing special. It requires no thought and lacks the gray ethical/moral conflicts in the original novel. ‘Tis sad.

An aside— Since learning of Card’s extreme homophobia, I only have acquired used books to avoid giving any money to Card and will do so when used DVD’s of the movie become available, even if more expensive.

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