Wolfwinter by Thomas Burnett Swann—1972

WolfwinterWolfwinter by Thomas Burnett Swann
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I read Wolfwinter on the advice of the myth-master Charles de Lint. He implied that Thomas Burnett Swann had a muse-ic effect on his works.

In Swann I have discovered another great author who makes the ancient stories and beliefs and cultures come to life. He writes spare, but melodic prose, laced with humor and having bittersweet edges. Swann is a modern prose poet. He harkens back to the Nine Lyric Poets of Hellenistic Greece in his prose and his tales. I cannot give enough accolades to the beauty of his writings. I would there be a renaissance of his works for modern readers to discover.

Wolfwinter is the story of Errina a friend of the famous Sappho of Lesbos where she was born. She falls in love with a satyr during Lesbian rites, conceives a child by him, but is given as wife to a Sybaritic cousin of her father. Husband, outraged at the birth of a hybrid boy exposes him on the Field of Wolves. Thus begins Errina’s effort to save her son with the help of her Goddess and mythic creatures of the forests of Magna Graecia.

The golden age of Fantasy shines brightly from this novel.

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